The ultimate treatment for ageing skin.
Reduces wrinkle depth and firms the skin
Hydrates the skin - softening fine lines
Increases collagen production
Improves pigmentation

There are two parts to overnight retinol repair serum. The serum and also the buffer cream.

Buffer Cream - The main purpose of the buffer cream is to hydrate and also to allow the skin to acclimatise to the retinol in the overnight retinol repair serum. By allowing the skin to acclimatise to the retinol there will be no retinoid reactions on the skin as the skin's receptors will be gradually introduced to the retinol. The main ingredient in this product is Aloe.

The Age Smart Overnight Retinol Repair treatment includes a high-concentrate of pure retinol, which simultaneously exfoliates dead cells and combats signs of premature ageing.

Encapsulated Retinol at 0.5% - encapsulation ensures retinol reaches target areas and locks in moisture. Formulated without artificial fragrances, colours or paragons

Reverses natural and photo-ageing
Reduces inflammation
Increases hydration
Thickens dermis and epidermis
Stimulates collagen production
Increases cell renewal.


  • How to use: This product is only to be used at night. Avoid eye area Week 1-2 3 drops of the buffer cream to 1 of the overnight retinol repair serum. Blend this together in your hand and apply to problem areas or all over the face. You do not need a moisturiser over the top. Week 3-4 2 drops of the buffer cream to 2 of the overnight retinol repair serum. Week 5-6 1 drop buffer cream to 3 drops of the overnight retinol repair serum. Week 7-8 Overnight retinol repair only You are building the tolerance of the skin so that eventually you will be using the overnight retinol repair serum on its own. The buffer cream will run out first, you can then use the serum either directly onto the skin with your moisturiser over the top or mixed in with your moisturiser. This product will last 3 months in total. PRECAUTIONS: No professional exfoliation for 72 hours, Do not use Power Rich alongside this product, Avoid chemical SPF. Use physical, You do not need to exfoliate at home